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‘A JOURNEY TO SUNDANCE’ examines, in a real-life and often-emotional narrative, the crushing reality of the fierce competition of the motion picture industry, and the plight of many young directors. After thirteen years of filming, more than 300 hours of footage, two years of editing, two focus group screenings and losing nearly his entire crew, Starks has finally finished his film! Here's a look at Julian's Interview reels from this Journey.













Upon a private viewing by PROFESSOR KARL BARDOSH of the New York University Film School, he suggested that the immense footage accumulated over the five-year period of making the film, is actually a goldmine of exciting information and testimonials by experts, that would support a unique television series on

INDEPENDENT CINEMA, at large to be hosted by the interviewer, JULIAN STARKS.

Initially, there are six distinct areas of independent film that can be explored by centering around five major personalities who were extensively interviewed for the film. We propose to present these and future episodes

as case studies in independent cinema. What has the industry learned or should have learned?

And how can future independent filmmakers get started and chart their own course.


“Who in their right mind would put a film festival in the middle of sub-zero weather…brilliant?” Jennifer Sorenson, struggling filmmaker.This episode explores the history of the SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL, as well as takes an in-depth look into the world of INDEPENDENT FILMMAKING, and how the two coincide or perhaps collide. The episode is about the spirit, dreams and struggles of independent filmmakers all over the world. We have interviews, stories and experiences about Sundance that are GOOD, BAD and EVERYTHING in-between.


The Blair Witch Story

“To this day, Hollywood Execs cannot get their heads around the phenomenon of Blair Witch”. DANIEL MYRICK, co-director/producer of The Blair Witch Project. Building on the hour and a half interview conducted by Julian Starks, Daniel Myrick dissects and analysis’s this once in a lifetime miracle of a small movie,

made for pennies on low quality video, ending up in theaters all over the world and grossing over two-hundred and forty million dollars.


CHRIS MOORE, producer of Good Will Hunting, leads us through the trials and tribulations of independent filmmaking, from his humble beginnings, working with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, on their Oscar winning venture. In addiction, he also details his working relationship the Weinstein Brothers and how they

revolutionized film festivals and independent films and made them into a profitable business.


DOV. S. SIMENS, the ‘Sam Kinison’ of independent filmmaking, teaches you everything you need to know about filmmaking in his two-day seminar, that he delivers all over the world. He abuses, amuses and insults the audience, to wake them up to the realities of the industry. But one thing is clear, his genuine concern for his students and that their success is of the utmost importance to him.


CHRIS GORE, author of the ‘Ultimate Film Festival Guide’ is a writer, filmmaker, speaker, television host and commentator who have built a solid reputation as an outspoken voice in the independent film world. ‘Film Festival Today’ recently named him one of the 25 most influential people in Independent Film. Chris guides the audience through the complicated and mysterious jungle, called the film festival circuit.


PETER BISKIND’S incisive interview based on his highly controversial book is loaded with vibrant anecdotes and outrageous stories; all of it is blended into a fast moving narrative. Robert Redford, the Weinsteins, producers and actors, Biskind profiles the people who reinvented Hollywood, making independent films


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